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Pocket Schedule in Different Formats...

Hey all,

With the help of some the others in the LJ Dragon*Con forum, I have created malleable versions of the pocket schedule that can be used/imported into different programs (i.e. Outlook, Google Calendar, Palm or Pocket PC devices).

These files are stored in Outlook 97/2002 format (.PST), comma separated values (CSV), and rich text format (RTF) and are hosted on a free server.

Download links:

1,109 KB
140 KB
1,505 KB

I have also put all three files into a ZIP file (mmm, compression):
404 KB

To download any of the above, click on the ‘Free’ download option an wait for the counter to count down (it start at 60 seconds for the larger files)- you should then be able to download them (after entering a verification code). I would recommend downloading the ZIP as you may have to wait 3 minutes to download the 2nd file under their free account. Sorry this is so much of a pain, but I don’t have anywhere to host them myself (unless I setup a torrent).

If you do have trouble downloading, feel free to email me at (lj at brooskie dot com) and I will try send you a copy of the ZIP file.

I have successfully imported the CSV file into Outlook 2003 and Google Calendar.
The RTF format should be viewable on Word, WordPerfect, Open Office, etc.

  • I do not work for Dragon*Con- I did this for personal use, and I thought it may be useful for others.
  • I do not think I am breaking any Dragon*Con rules by posting this; if I am, please inform me an I will remove ASAP.
  • I have double-checked all of the information in the grids (and making a few corrections), but a lot of this was done at 2:00am- so triple-check me and make sure that everything you want to see/so is in your agenda!
  • There are daily changes to the schedule depending on cancellations/additions- NONE of these changes are reflected in these documents. Please see the Daily Dragon online at for more info.

Have fun all- see everyone at the con!

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