Lorenalis (lorenalis) wrote in dragoncon,

Firefly/Serenity Shindig at Dragon Con

For those Browncoats going to Dragon Con, I just got this in my inbox from Serenity of the Southeastern Browncoats:

So remember way back, when I said the D*C was not sponsoring a Shindig
this year? Remember when I said that if that changed, I'd be yelling
it from the rafters? Well, consider this me yelling it from the
rafters. The SEBC is having a Shindig!

I no longer need hypothetical volunteers, I need real ones. Here's the
sitch. We get the Hanover room C,D, and E at 8:30 Saturday night to
set up. We have the room until people leave. Doors open at 10. We'll
be there all night, so go to the Wake, the Signal podcast, and end up
with us. Make it just one big Browncoat day.

The plans for this year are to be less rave-y and more Shindig-y. And
we have 10 days, so we're gonna need help. Who's with me?

Go forth and post this jubilant news wherever Browncoats may visit.
Let's show everyone that the Browncoats are here to stay =)


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