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Ask DCTV! 
17th-Jul-2018 01:52 pm
Hey there, everybody, it's Ask DCTV time!

In addition to our live streaming and event coverage, Dragon Con TV (http://www.dragoncontv.org/) creates comedy videos to show between events and in your hotel room. One of the things we do are the 2-color comedy we call bumpers, those bits with white text on a black background. We're in the process of creating a new set of bumpers for 2018, and one of our annual traditions is to ask you to ask us questions, which we may answer in a bumper!

To ask DCTV, reply to this with your question. End your question with the name or alias you'd like me to use in the bumper. If you don't, I'll use your LJ name instead.

An example question:

"What happened to Pokemon Go? Did it Pokemon Went? -Team Mystic"

You can ask more than one question, though I'll only use one of them at most. Your chances of us using your question go up if it's not something we've been asked before. To see what previous people have asked DCTV, look through our previous bumpers at https://www.youtube.com/user/DragonConTV

Happy asking!
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