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info on DC photo ops 
18th-Aug-2016 12:13 am
wholock: john in the tardis by fiendie

I'm told that this a company new to DC; anyone know anything abt them?
19th-Aug-2016 04:43 am (UTC)
If this is the company I think it is (and I'm about 95% sure it is), they are great. No big change from any other company in terms of the photo op itself. Run through like cattle, snap, go. But then, you get your photo as you are leaving. No going back to find it later. You get it right then and there, and the last time I went to a con using these guys, they also had frames and such right there if you wanted one.

The emailed JPEG is sent at the same time. It's nearly instantaneous. No emailing for months to try to get it, as has happened to me with Froggy's once (the rest of the time, I got my JPEG pretty quickly, but I know this has been an issue for others in the past, too - not just me).

Bottom line: so much better, for instant photo without going back alone, and otherwise does just fine.
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