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Finally back in gear... 
27th-Jul-2016 05:24 pm
Hey everyone...

apologies for my slow start this year...as usual reality keeps interfering...

As I say every one of the past few years, much slower here and in Livejournal land overall if your initials arent GRRM or ONTD. We're smaller, but place will continue on.

Community is is open mode and will stay that way prob till right after con to handle the smaller but still potent post con crunch.

dragonconrooms is still very active and in business so head there if you have room or roomie needs. I'll allow last minute room postings when they shut down for con; till then, please head there.

Will get stuff up to date fast as I can, but may take a bit. If you spot anything that needs fixing let me know.

Thanks everyone.

EDIT: Will fix link for Pocket Program when it is available. Daily Dragon isnt updating for this year yet best I can tell.
28th-Jul-2016 01:28 pm (UTC)
Daily Dragon will start with a few updates in a couple of weeks. We are tweeting now and again. :D ~ Shae
30th-Jul-2016 08:35 pm (UTC)
sounds good! thanks!
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