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Back to Moderated mode to avoid SW spoilers 
16th-Dec-2015 11:51 pm
Hey all.....

Guess i shouldnt be surprised but some jackwipe posted a big SW spoiler in one of the major DC facebook groups...

To guard against that happeming in here, which admittedly is very unlikely, ive switched moderated mode back on for a while so i can at least stop one in the queue. Our preapproved folk are good enough folk to avoid doing things like that. My worry is a troll wandering in.

Well prob stay in mod mode till at least after the new year...

Thanks everyone.
21st-Dec-2015 03:24 pm (UTC) - Question about Dcon 2016.
The other day, the dragoncon website showed a lot of guests. Now, it shows zero. Which is the case for 2016?
21st-Dec-2015 09:50 pm (UTC) - Re: Question about Dcon 2016.
perhaps they cleaned off the 2015 guests and haven't booked any for 2016 yet...?
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