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Baen group in the parade, Baen Books launch party on Thursday 
24th-Jun-2014 11:37 am
Just a reminder that we're organizing a "Many Worlds of Baen Books" group to march in the parade this year. I'm herding the cats, err, organizing the parade folks here:

Also, for folks coming in early, we're hosting a book launch party on Thursday evening in the Westin, for the new John Ringo book, Islands of Rage and Hope (the latest in his "Black Tide Rising" zombie series), and for the new David Weber-Timothy Zahn Honorverse collaboration, A Call to Duty.

At the book launch party we'll also be having a costume contest--costumes from any Baen novel are welcome. Did I mention the cash prizes at the costume contest? $500 for best overall, and other categories include "Best costume from X series" (say, best Honorverse costume, best Monster Hunter costume, best Vorkosigan series costume, etc), plus a prize for "most costumed folks from X series" (so, the most Honorverse folks, or MHI folks, etc). It'll be a ton of fun.

More details:

We hope you'll join us for one or both. See you at con!
14th-Jul-2014 01:06 am (UTC) - Message
Laura - I left you a message on your personal livejournal, let me know if you didn't get it. Thanks!
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