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2nd Annual CON-Voluted Dragoncon Meet & Greet/ A.B.C Party 
8th-Jul-2011 02:02 pm
Time to start working on those A.B.C. costumes. Hope to see many of you there.

Con-Voluted Presents:
2nd Annual Dragoncon Thursday Night Meet & Greet and "A.B.C." Room Party.
Thursday Night 10pm until ???
Hyatt Hotel - Room TBA

What is an A.B.C Party?? Anything But Clothes. To gain entrance to this exclusive party come dressed in Anything But Clothes. Garbage Bag, Duct Tape, Police tape, Bumper stickers, Playing Cards, Bandages, A Towel, A shower curtain.

It does not matter as long as it is NOT clothing. What can you cover (or not cover) your naughty bits with and still make it to the party? Creativity and last minute planning is highly encouraged. Wrap yourself in some cardboard and come on over.

From 10 till 11 this is an "ABC" party. You must be in an "ABC" outfit to get in.

From 11 on - Open to all. No ABC outfit required however the room WILL fill up and people in ABC outfits will be given priority entrance over those not.

Prizes for:
Most Original ABC Outfit
Most Unique Material made into an ABC outfit
Sexiest ABC Outfit (Male)
Sexiest ABC Outfit (Female)

CON-Voluted will be providing a DJ and Free Booze.

A limited number of VIP passes are available (VIP always gets in or at least to the very front of the line if the room is just too crowded).

How do you get a VIP Pass??
3 different ways to get a VIP Pass.

1. Volunteer to help out at the party. One hour shifts for Door, Bar or general help will get you two VIP Passes.
(Contact us if you would like to volunteer for a shift, We would really like to get about 8 to 10 to help out with this party, That way each person only has a one hour shift to work and can enjoy the party the rest of the time).

2. Buy a CON-Voluted Mega Flask. These GIANT Flasks that we make and sell fund these parties. We put 100% of the money from selling these flasks into throwing room parties. Once you buy a CON-Voluted Mega Flask, It is your permanent VIP pass to all future CON-Voluted Parties. You can buy the flasks on our website at
of just msg us here.

3. Donate. A $20 donation to our Booze fund (And 100% of all donation go strictly for Beverages (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic) gets you TWO VIP Passes.

You do NOT have to have a VIP pass to attend. Everyone is welcome however once the room fills up, Priority entrance will be given to VIP pass holders and people in ABC outfits.

Is there any fee? Nope. Everyone is welcome.
Do I have to wear an ABC outfit? From 10-11pm yes. After 11, Nope.

BRING ID. We will have security checking ID`s at the door. No ID - No Entry.

The Room Number for the party will be posted soon as we get it.

Please Invite all of your friends attending DragonCon to attend. Help us get the word out.

More Information on the Party can be found here:
2nd-Aug-2011 07:33 pm (UTC)
Reminder: A.B.C. Party Planning Session this Saturday (08/06) at 3pm!! Los Reyes in Marietta, Ga. Everyone stop by and join us for a few Margaritas and share your ideas. Let us know if you are coming.

We will have Raffle Drawing to win one of our Mega Flasks for those that come out.
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