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Photo shoot locations

This is a cross post from my thread on the forums. Photos and descriptions of a lot of good photo shoot locations below the cut. I really hunted to find a few of these, even if you think you've been everywhere you should still take a look.

Hyatt Indoors

I am not including anything on the main traffic paths.If you are crazy enough to try organizing a photo shoot on the ballroom levels, may the fates smile on your funeral.

International Tower 22nd floor lounge

Misc nooks below International Tower

Marriott indoors

Again, no heavy traffic areas.

10th Floor (Skyline Level)

21st Floor, topmost bridge facing the open windows

Hilton indoors

Floors 5, 12, 19 (and 27, but that's private-ish)

Hilton Lobby conversation nooks

Sheraton indoors

Pool atrium (roof retracts, may be indoor or outdoor on any given day)

Art display, near the upstairs bathroom, possibly high traffic

Leisure area at the bottom of the stairs

Mirror corner in the bar upstairs

Indoors, not in hotels

These are some of the best locations due to air conditioning and very low traffic levels.

Marquis Tower 1 lobby staircase, take the skywalk from the food court to the Marriott, but go down at the first elevators (near the guard under the big chandelier).

Marquis Tower 2 lobby staircase, take the skywalk from the food court to the Marriott.When you are about to turn right into the main open area of the Marriott, don't.Continue forward to Tower 2, then go downstairs.

Secret Food Court, beyond Marquis Tower 2.

Skywalk from Secret Food Court to SunTrust Building

Outdoors, no ground level street crossing required

Peachtree Center courtyard, on top of the food court (exit by escalator or stairs)(warning, reports of security guards harassing photoshoots have been made below)

Marriott front stairs (poo lions)

Marriott front fountain (dangerous, valet / driveway)

Hilton back porch and stairs, accessible via the glass hallway behind the lobby.

Hilton Pool and Tennis Court, accessible from the 3rd floor

Outdoors, across the street
The SunTrust Plaza has a number of good photo shoot locations.Unfortunately their security staff is rather anal about photography.You should request permission in advance if you are going to have more than a few people there.
Exit the Hyatt front door, turn right, cross the street.Or, exit the Hyatt back door, turn left, cross the street.Or, exit the Marriott front door, turn right, cross the street, turn left, cross the street.
These are presented in counter-clockwise order, starting on Courtland Street (closest to the Marriott), ending at the corner of Peachtree and Baker (closest to the Hyatt front door).

Outdoors, across multiple streets

Hardy Ivy Park, exit the Hyatt front door, turn right and look across the intersection.

Ralph McGill Blvd outdoor sculptures, exit the Hilton front door, turn right, walk 1.5 blocks, cross 1-3 streets.

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