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The UPDATED Dragoncon Restaurant Guide!

Since a lot's changed since I first put this little guide together, it'd be a good idea to fix it up and have it ready in time for the big show next week. It shows every eatery and store I could find through Google and confirm existed that's located around the four primary host hotels, and a handy map to show where they are. Lots of 'em are clustered together, didn't notice that last time. The only thing I couldn't find for sure was whether smoking was still allowed around there.

Here's the link to the pdf. lilithschilde will be hosting another copy as well in case this one can't be accessed. EDIT: And here it is. Thanks again lilithschilde! Hope this helps, and have fun folks!

P.S., the only place other than the Publix to get wine around there is the convenience store in the lower level of Peachtree Center.
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