It's Ask DCTV time!
In addition to our live streaming and event coverage, Dragon Con TV ( creates comedy videos to show between events and in your hotel room. One of the things we do is the text comedy we call bumpers. We're in the process of creating a new set of bumpers for 2019, and one of our annual traditions is to ask you to ask us questions, which we may answer in a bumper!
To ask DCTV, reply to this with your question. End your question with the name or alias you'd like me to use in the bumper. If you don't, I'll use your LJ name instead.
An example question:
"Why does everyone where those 'Utili-'skirts? --ActualScottishAttendee"
You can ask more than one question, though I'll only use one of them at most. Your chances of us using your question go up if it's not something we've been asked before. To see what previous people have asked DCTV, look through our previous bumpers at
Happy asking!
Nine loves science fiction by omgwtf42

my annual Dragoncon tips post!

This is a link to my 2-part posts on tips for Dragoncon (and other cons and travel) tips. Note that the OP might be out of date somewhat. Please offer more info and corrections as needed in the comments.


Annual poll to see where everyone is coming from

Once again my favorite posting of the year in here: taking the annual poll to see where everyone is coming in from... NOTE: As usual for the sake of the poll, Metro Atlanta is defined as anywhere within 50 miles of the downtown core. I know its reached out way past that, but it still makes a nice round number. Maybe I'll change it when it hits 100 miles. ;)

Poll #2084521 Where dost thou travel from?

Where are you coming in from for DragonCon?

Metro Atlanta
Georgia outside Metro Atlanta
South Carolina
North Carolina
The US beyond the previously mentioned states
Outside the United States

If coming in from a US state outside the ones listed, which state?

If coming in from outside the US, which Country?



Hey everyone!

Sadly my tempermental equipment decided to give up the ghost today so had to seek out alternatives...Ill be a bit limited in updating till after con so please be patient

Going to do several traditional before con posts in one gulp today...

First here's the Party List from the Daily Dragon:

DCon Party List

Next is the Community List...basically just reposting last year's always, any adds, changes, or deletes let me know below and i'll fix them thru Wed...I couldnt find any active DC related LJ communities going...let me know if you know of any....

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thanks everyone!

Quick update...

Hey everyone.

As preDC Sunday usually goes, my technology is being tempermental and rebelling today.

I'll be doing a mass update Monday when i can use alternatives. Will update community links then.

Thanks everyone for your patience...almost time...

Almost time...

Hey all...sorry to be slow..real life keeps getting in the way of getting ready for DC....

First off, once again there will be no Wayne Newton in town durimg DC..

Will get community list and annual poll up later today...

As it has been the past few years, juat going to leave things in Open Mode during the show and go from there...

Thanks again everyone for staying around...going tk keep going in here even with a extra slow pace....

Still here!!

Hey eveeyone!

As always, apologies for bejng slow to talk. As I say evwry year, know LJ isnt what it was a decade ago, but will keep this place going as long as i can.

Have a family weddimg this week so will be slow till next the meamtime, leaving the place in opem mode but will have an eye on things in the meantime.

Hope to see yall soon!