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1st-Mar-2016 03:29 pm
DC New

All of the space in the parade has been reserved for both participants and vehicles. The registration form has been disabled. WOW!

GROUP LEADERS - please review the number of spaces you reserved and let us know if any of the spaces can be returned 'to inventory'. Also, please remind your group members that they DO NOT need to sign up individually, and ask that they contact me directly if they did.

Sorry for the lack of a 2 minute warning, an influx of entries including a couple of new groups put us over the mark in seconds.

Thank you to all who registered.  More information coming as the year progresses.

JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

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31st-Mar-2016 03:14 am (UTC) - Why is this still moderated?
Why is this forum still locked/moderated? I tried to make a post 2 days ago and it still hasn't been approved. Star wars was 4 months ago...
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