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9th-Apr-2014 03:29 pm - Craft Stores near the con?
Hi all.

I do scrapbooking, but my area of the UK just doesn't have the shop selection like the US does (ordering online is okay, but I do like to browse!).

Given the larger range of craft shops in the US, the fact that they stock more, and the fact that the pound is strong against the dollar I thought I'd take a trip out on the Thursday (either before or after the joys of registration) to have a mooch about and spend some cash.

I was hoping someone would be able to let me know of any scrapbooking/craft shops nearby(ish)? I don't drive, so would be limited to walking or the Marta. So far I've found that there is a Michaels in Lindbergh about 10 minutes walk from that Marta station, but not any others.

If anyone could let me know if there are any others that wouldn't be too hard to get to I'd appriciate it!

Thanks. :)
14th-Mar-2014 11:54 pm - Talent Show?
cylon head
I emailed the Dragon Con office a few weeks ago with the following question but haven't received a reply, so here it is again:

Has the con considered a talent show event? That is, one that features character performance, with costumes as a supporting element instead of the focus? The masquerade encourages skits and sketches; however, microphones are not permitted and contestants are barred from addressing the audience.

Under these rules, if someone(s) wanted to re-enact a scene from a favorite show or movie, they'd be left with ripping the sound track of it and lip synching their way through it. While that's do-able, isn't that a little grade school-ish? Wouldn't encouraging a live, mic'd performance work better, where the actor(s) had time to prepare a version of a scene and deliver it?

Happy halfway to Dragon*Con! If you were at this past Dragon*Con and you went to the Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant, you might remember me as the andorian who entered and performed a song. Well, I'm doing a kickstarter to fund the release of my album. I encourage you to give, especially if you liked the song I performed, since it will be on the release!

photo by Ted Bigsby on flickr
"Lissan sh'Zahar"
pink pummeler
Hey guys,

This is up on the Whedon Universe facebook page right now:

"This year at Whedon Universe we're trying to give you the best of both worlds by providing time and space for new content as well as addressing some complaints you've had about past years. We are going to be splitting up the two Whedon musicals and doing one each year. We'd like your opinion about which show we should start with. We hope that by doing this our shows will remain fresh and that we won't have as many problems with lines and security. Thank you for your support!"

The link for the survey is at

If you have an opinion about which of the two shows you would like to see this year, please go to the survey link and vote. If you have opinions about the decision to only do one show a year, they are probably best left on the facebook page so that the track director can see them.

Full Disclosure: I am passing on this announcement with absolutely no authority within the Whedontrack. I am not a staff member of the Whedontrack, but I am a cast member and props mistress for the Dr. Horrible show and of course I love that one best, but both shows are phenomenal and are presented by enthusiastic and talented casts. I am sorry that we will not be performing both shows as we have done in the past.
Me again! :)

I forgot to mention something very important regarding signing up for the parade.

If you are part of a group (large or small) that will be registering or has already registered for the parade (examples: the 501st, the 76th, the WoW group, the Prydon Academy, the Lantern Corp., marching with a group organized by a Programming Track, Kenyon's Minions, etc.), you DO NOT need to sign up individually to be in the parade.  Your registration is covered as a part of the group.  Your group contact/organizer will receive all the information needed about the parade to pass along and will be picking up the wristbands you'll need to wear for the parade.

If you registered yourself already but will be part of a group, PLEASE let me know so I can make adjustments in the db.  Since space is limited, we want to avoid duplicates as best we can so that as many people who want to march will get the chance to do so.

Also - the Dragon Con web site pages for the parade have been uploaded.  Under "What To Do/Events" you'll find a general announcement about the parade and a link to the registration form on the web site.  Under "Participate" ( you'll find more detailed information as the year moves forward and the registration form (

Now you can sign up through the Dragon Con web site as well!

Over 1000 people have signed up to march so far!  WOW and thank you!

Director, Dragon Con Parade
Questions or comments? dc_parade (at)
Hi Everyone!

Welcome to 2014!  We’re introducing a new parade registration process that we hope you’ll find even faster and easier than before.

All you need to do is fill out a simple form and you’re done!  When you submit your parade registration form, you’ll receive a confirmation screen with additional information including how to contact us and where to find us on social media.  Print the confirmation page for your records.

Parade registration is open from FEBRUARY 15 until AUGUST 1.  The number of participants and vehicles in the 2014 parade will be capped and registration is subject to closure, without a guarantee of advance notice, if the participant and vehicle caps are met before our August 1 deadline.

Don’t worry if you need to make a change to your registration as your plans get finalized and we get closer to con.  Let us know and we’ll take care of it for you.

Participation in the parade is open to all Dragon Con members and our official sponsors.   We do not accept commercial or promotional parade entries with the exception of our official sponsors. 

Follow the link below to register for the 2014 Dragon Con Parade.  And PLEASE double check the accuracy of your responses in the form BEFORE hitting the “submit” button, especially the email address you entered.  It’s the only way we have to get in touch with you should we need more information from you and to send you the parade details you’ll need to participate.


If you have any comments or questions about the new registration process, feel free to post here or PM me at dc_parade (at)

Looking forward to seeing you!
JP :)
Director, Dragon Con Parade

Nerd Girls

Parade registration for the 2014 DragonCon Parade opens a week from Saturday, and we'd like to gather as many World of Warcraft fans and/or costumers to march in a WoW group! We're primarily gathering and keeping track of group size in the Facebook group here:

Please come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the most successful MMORPG in the best parade in Atlanta!
whale attack
Hey Dragon Con goers! I'm running a Kickstarter right now for a party game that's pretty much 99% inspired by Dragon Con. It's called Con Quest, and it basically recreates the random stuff that happens to you at DragonCon. Everyone who's played it has had an awesome time so far.

Please check it out and if you can, signal boost!

Thank you for reading!!
22nd-Jan-2014 06:21 am - Kaleidoscope Track
stitch kiss
The nerds with the Kaleidoscope Track are seeking opinions from parents of kids from the 9-13 year old age range as well as the actual kids to help us shape our programming for 2014.  We have a Facebook Group and would love to have anyone join who enjoys the programming we offer.

If you would rather post here, that is awesome as well.  We just need to know what your kids are watching on TV/Netflicks/Roku/Internet.  What they are crazy about with music/books/tv/movies and what days they typically attend Dragon Con (and we know they do).

We appreciate your responses in advance.

The Volunteers at the Kaleidoscope Track!
20th-Jan-2014 07:56 pm - Calling all nerds!
Peace, Dr. Horrible

Hey guys, I need your help!

My best friend and I are starting up an etsy shop - kind of like Bath and Body Works but geared more for nerds and geeks - like us!

Right now, it is targeted more to women, but we plan on having a men's line too.

So if you could help us out in the R&D part, we'd really really appreciate it

Just take a moment and fill out this survey and share it to as many people as you care to

Click here to take survey


Thanks guys, and only 220 more days! Can't wait to see you all :D

10th-Jan-2014 08:08 pm - Hey, anyone using fitbit out there?
Hey guys!  I got this awesome fitbit for Christmas and was hoping to get into some healthier habits before August (when I ruin it all!).  If you have one and feel inclined to join, I started a fitbit group "dragoncon fitbitters".  =) I'd like to share in successes and failures, as well as, discuss costumes!
10th-Jan-2014 12:06 pm - Make 2014 the best DragonCon yet
Company of wolves
Today, when I posted this, is January 10th, 2014.
We are 230 days from DragonCon.
That is just under 33 weeks before you will be back in the costumed crowd of DragonCon.
If you are working to lose weight or get in shape, and you need support from other Conners just like you
please check out
We are all working toward our own goals and we are all geeks who love our fandoms.
So you will be right at home.
Make these 33 weeks count. Go to DragonCon 2014 healthier and with a new group of friends.
20th-Nov-2013 06:24 pm - DragonCon statistics
I am doing a report on DragonCon and am looking for statistics. Not just number of attendees but also anything like how many attendees end up needing medical attention and any crime statistics (by attendees and non-attendees).
Company of wolves
Today is chilly and will be very busy. Haunted houses, getting the yard Halloween worthy, and a workout at the gym. We will also be starting our planning for costumes for DragonCon.
We are 305 days out from DragonCon 2014.
That is just over 43 weeks away.
If you lost a pound a week for 43 weeks that would be a smaller you. A you more able to handle the hills, the stairs, the dancing, the standing, the hot days, and even hotter nights. You in a costume you have always wanted to wear. A healthier new you!
If you want to lose weight, get healthier, or tighten up there is a community for you.
People working toward similar goals and who are there to support you in your goals.
11th-Oct-2013 08:26 am - Healthier for DragonCon 2014!
Company of wolves
We are two days past "DragonCon - MARRIOTT DAY!"
Now a lot of us are breathing more easily or starting to sweat "HYATT DAY!"
We start planning next year's DragonCon while we are at DragonCon!
If this DCon your plan included lose weight, never being that uncomfortable in tiny seats again, never hurting from walking to different panels, or getting more fit so you can wear that perfect costume that has been in your mind for years - you are not alone.
There are other people working toward their goals and being supported by other DragonConners. It is a great group of people all starting at their own place. For some that place is far from their goal and for others it is just a few steps away but we all bring our love of the Con and our positive energy.
Make this the year that your plans include a healthier, more able to handle stairs, hills, crowded dealers rooms, and that goal costume!
9th-Oct-2013 08:34 am - Marriott Reservations
I go to the Marriot passkey page about 9:05 eastern. Put in my info, got a room. Got a confirmation. Go to check it online and its there but then I see on the page that reservations open at 10:00 eastern! Wow, its really messed up.
9th-Oct-2013 09:12 am - Oh, passkey...
Mexican moon 9 a.m. the Marriott passkey page changed to say 10 a.m. rather than 9 a.m.! Wha?? I've been screwed by Passkey before for believing their "new time" to start taking reservations, so I'm calling. Anyone having any luck? I've been on hold for 10 minutes so faR.
The "click here to a make a reservation" link was broken a while back and only redirected to the Hilton's passkey site. The link has been removed but the "here" is still bolded--but without any hyperlink. I figured this would have been fixed by now, but i can only fear the worst--especially when dealing with the passkey sites that are always a huge SNAFU and FUBAR'd. Anyone else have any idea on what's going on here?

Here's a direct link to the hotel site on D*C's website;
Company of wolves
DragonCon 2013 ended 23 days ago.
About 3 weeks ago you were all geared up about what costumes you were going to do for next DragonCon.
What panels you wanted to make next DragonCon.
How much weight you were going to start losing as soon as you got home...

So how is that going? Still plotting the costumes? Thinking of the panels?
Have you changed any old patterns to get your weight off?
Started an exercise regime to tighten up for that skintight costume?
We all have that post DragonCon energy that has us wanting to reach goals, but it only lasts so long. And there you are a few weeks until DragonCon,yet again, and you are so disappointed in yourself!
DragonCon 2014 is 338 days away.
That is just about 49 weeks away.
In 49 weeks you could finally be able to walk all over to see panels at all the hotels.
Actually walk through the dealers maze a lot more comfortably than this DragonCon. (Survive the chompers.)
You could use the stairs when the escalators are too crowded.
Sit comfortably on one seat when you always have taken up two.
If these feelings are familiar there is a group of people working to be healthier, stronger, thinner, or just tighter.
Make DragonCon 2014 the year!
Dropby is mostly active on FB but I plan to start cross posting to our LJ as well.
DropByDragonCon is for all people who are Con goers and have health goals.

23rd-Sep-2013 11:02 pm - Back in business
Hey everyone...

apologies for the delay in cranking the group back up...have had family headaches and tech probs since getting home from con that have dominated my attention...have gotten to where I can at least keep the place in order..

Post Con mode is def over and I've gotten the mod queue cleared out.

Though we dont have near the traffic in here that we had in pre-Facebook and pre-Twitter days, the place is still in business and will stay in business.

We may experiment a bit with going back to open mode during the quieter months(after the upcoming Great Hyatt and Marriott Passkey Room Race), though the old methods will still be needed come pre-convention crunch and post con times...the pro spammers dont seem to target here as much as they used to(spammers especially with malware were the main reason for going full time moderated in the first place)...

To make up for the delay, I'm going ahead and lifting the For Sale Post Moratorium...the For Sale Post rules still apply and if I see a huge crunch in the mod queue, they'll likely all be rerouted to a Master Post...there havent been all that many lately so we'll try it and see if it works and that the privledge doesnt get abused...

I know there's a few of you out there who had stuff pre-con that I asked be pushed back after con....if so, go ahead and get your stuff in and we'll work it thru...

Thanks everyone.
We have a poll going on on ideas for hotel registration for future Dragon*Cons.  It seems to be generating some good discussion, so if you would like to join in our debate, please feel free!;topicseen#new

If you add more ideas to the thread on the forum, I will add them to the choices (unless already listed of course).  
Spaceman Spiff
My friends and I talked Party Hard Cart tech with you after we bailed on that god-awful rave around 3:30 AM Sunday night (Monday morning). Your portable rave cart was undeniably awesome. I'm hoping to get tips and info on how to build our own for our local Cons.

And add a fog machine.

/fingers crossed
The Post Con Control Mode has now gone into effect.

UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, FOR SALE POSTS ARE BANNED AND WILL REMAIN SO DURING THE POST CON PERIOD. There's currently no timetable set for allowing general for sale posts again(D*C vendors who had a booth dont come under the moratorium), but it will be at least October. People need time for their wallets to recover from the con.

Certain D*C Senior and Track Directors have been granted posting preapproval. All know that this is a privilege and not a right and are subject to having posts yanked and losing the privilege same as anyone else.

Certain posts in the mod queue may be allowed thru as conditions warrant. Any posts in the mod queue that belong under the master posts will be automatically rejected.

Post Con Control Mode will remain in effect until traffic returns to normal offseason levels.

Thank you again everyone for a great con and already looking forward to next year!!
Post anything that does not fit under the other master posts here. Please remember that a moratorium on For Sale Postings is now in effect. Such posts will be yanked from comments. If abuse becomes a problem this master post will be removed.
2nd-Sep-2013 01:08 pm - MASTER POST FOR LOST AND FOUND
Post under here for Lost and Found items
Post your Photos and Photo Requests under this post. If the pics are not work safe, post them elsewhere, and post a link back to them with appropriate warnings. You can also use dragoncon_photo and the DC Wiki. Please avoid crossposting...use links instead
31st-Aug-2013 01:01 am - Lost my camera
donna >> tardis, 10
I lost my camera tonight in a bathroom at the Marriott. The bathroom closest to the imperial ballroom. It was a Panasonic..
30th-Aug-2013 09:40 pm - Quick question re: Con hotel rates
doctor facepalm
Hello Dragon*Con-goers! I hope you're all enjoying your weekend thusfar!

My fiance and I are attending Dragon*Con but did not book a hotel this year (we're local). We would like to book one next year, but aren't sure if it will be too expensive for us.

Would anyone be able to share how much the Con price was for any of the host hotels?

30th-Aug-2013 02:05 pm - Entering Open Mode
Putting community in open mode during con...

Due to the wonkiness of getting online this weekend, good chance we'll enter Post-Con Mode on Sunday instead of Monday...
28th-Aug-2013 04:57 pm - Picking Up A Badge For Someone Else
I'm getting in on Thursday, but my girlfriend doesn't get in until Friday night. Is it possible for me to buy a badge for her on-site? Or does she need to be there? 
Post anything that doesnt fit under the other master posts in here.

For Sale postings can go here as long as the items are delivered at con. Any involving post con delivery are prohibited as part of the For Sale moratorium.
28th-Aug-2013 09:58 am - Final update before the con...
Thank you to everyone for making this community such a wonderful place. It's gotten a bit slower in recent years as Livejournal itself has being in a Facebook and Twitter world(I joined the latter just this week) but I'm not going anywhere and we'll press on as long as ONTD and Russian pr0n keep powering Livejournal along.

Apologies again for my slowness this year. Last year I had a whacked out ISP; this year constant family problems to handle. Hopefully next year the external problems will at least be much more minimal.

This year for the first time in a decade I'll be just a congoer; I wont be boothing this year, so for me it'll be a fresh way of doing the con. I'll still of course be drunkenly wandering around at night in the tall Guinness hat as always.

I am on the D*C app so you can leave me a friend code if you like or message me on Facebook(Alladin Sane with the Guinness Hat icon). If you leave it here, it may be Friday before I see it but will add when I catch it.

Thank you again everyone for making this community worth doing.

And I close with our annual announcement...this will be the 10th year for it:

Wayne Newton will again NOT be playing Atlanta during DragonCon weekend....he'll actually be playing Atlantic City this weekend....sorry all...someday he'll be back for D*C....

See you this weekend.
DC thread:

D-C Photo Shoots Facebook Group:

Downloadable Excel Spreadsheet with the photoshoots listed:

There is also an online spreadsheet, but I got errors when I loaded the address provided...if anyone has a fully working address for that spreadsheet, list it in the comments...
Post your General D*C Information questions and needs here.
Put any last second room needs under this post...dragonconrooms may likely still be running, so use both if you have any last second needs.
Will be in transit to con today and tomorrow so the community is entering Master Post Mode similar to last year.

Moderation queue is now frozen.

Moratorium on For Sale Posts is now ON and will be so till well after the con. Any last second stuff that can be delivered at con can be put under the miscellaneous master post.

Will try open mode during the con again but as it was last year it'll prob be Thursday or Friday and open mode is not guaranteed to last the entire con. Post Con Mode will likely start on Monday just before close of con.

27th-Aug-2013 05:29 pm - Custom Leather Lanyards!
Hey, all!

Once again, we will be offering custom-made leather lanyards at Con this year, at the Southeastern Browncoats booth (1000-1004). However, we've added something new - free delivery!

Yes, you read that correctly. If you come order a lanyard, and are staying in one of the host hotels (sorry, the overflows are too far away), we will leave it/them at the front desk for you so that you don't have to trek back to America's Mart (unless you want to, of course). How can you beat that at only $10 a pop? In the 5+ years we've been doing this, we've never raised the price, and now you can get it delivered for free. Guess we're just gluttons for punishment (or we need the exercise).

Come see us! :-)
27th-Aug-2013 11:39 pm - alternate history photoshoots?
Is anyone aware of any steampunk or alternate history photoshoots? I looked on the Alt. History track's website, but their schedule did not yield the desired result. Thanks in advance and I hope I'll see y'all at con! :]
27th-Aug-2013 01:13 pm - photoshoot location confusion
Generally I don't have time to go to photoshoots, but this year there are several that I really want to make it to. Some locations are easy (Marriott 10th floor for example), but others are baffling to me. Hilton Roof Patio, Suntrust Plaza, Hilton Steps, etc. Is there a map of the popular locations?

Yeah I know you're probably going "Omg how does she not know where these places are?". Let's just say I'm a sheltered con-goer who rarely has time to venture out between volunteer shifts, sleep, and the precious time with friends. :)

Also if anyone is going to one (or both) of the Fallout shoots, would you share your pics here? I'm working during both of them. *pout*
27th-Aug-2013 11:09 am - Oops.
I accidentally deleted the email about volunteering for the Dragon*con Blood Drive. Does anyone have the email or know the person to contact?
27th-Aug-2013 12:53 am - Final Community List for 2013
Didnt get any response on the previous post so going ahead and declaring the community list final for 2013

Post any modifications or additions in the comments.

Final Community List for 2013Collapse )
Once again prob my favorite posting of the year in here: taking the annual poll to see where everyone is coming in from...

NOTE: As usual for the sake of the poll, Metro Atlanta is defined as anywhere within 50 miles of the downtown core. I know its reached out way past that, but it still makes a nice round number. ;)

Poll #1931018 Where dost thou travel from?
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 132

Where are you coming in from for DragonCon?

View Answers
Metro Atlanta
23 (18.0%)
Georgia Beyond Metro Atlanta
12 (9.4%)
3 (2.3%)
11 (8.6%)
11 (8.6%)
South Carolina
8 (6.2%)
North Carolina
6 (4.7%)
The US beyond the previously mentioned states
46 (35.9%)
Outside the United States
8 (6.2%)

If coming in from a US state outside the ones listed, which state?

If coming in from outside the US, which Country?


If you like magic, leather and swords, you don't want to miss the largest Terry Goodking/Seeker gathering of the year!

Below is a summary of all the events:
Legend of the Seeker Meet Up: Friday, August 30, 4:00pm, Marriott M302 – Track Room (SciFi track schedule). Thank you Kelley for supporting LotS fans!!
Cosplayer Photo Shoot - Friday, August 30th, 11:30pm, Marriott, 10th floor.
Fan Table - Collectibles, giveaways and surprises!  The table returns at the Hyatt Regency, Exhibit Level (same as the Art Show and Comics/Artists Alley). Fan table hours:

  • Friday  2 – 7pm

  • Saturday 10am – 7pm

  • Sunday 10am – 7pm

  • Monday 10am – 2pm

And if you’d like to help out, please sign up directly at the online sign up sheet. Two volunteers per shift are ideal.
Have a blast everyone!!

Photo credit: Michael Blitch photography (DragonCon 2012)
Greetings! Are you looking for the perfect walking stick/staff to complete your costume? I can bring any of the following to Dragon*Con:
Photo and descriptions behind the cutCollapse )
These are all FREE to good homes - but - you MUST commit to coming by and picking your choice up from the Lenox room in the Hyatt (motor lobby level) on Friday between 2:30pm-7:30pm. I will bring only the ones that are requested (by Wednesday night, since that's when I'm packing the car) and I will put your name on it, but after that they'll go back to my car and I'm not getting them out again.

I hope someone can make use of these beautiful driftwood pieces! :)
26th-Aug-2013 10:24 am - Ball-jointed Doll Meet Up
We have a member of the looking for people interested ball-jointed Dolls. If you do not know what these are, a quick google search finds all sorts of impressive images.

If this is a hobby for you as we'll, please feel free to post there and here. Once this thread is accepted, I will cross link this thread to that one.

The thread on is:
25th-Aug-2013 05:17 pm - A few gatherings/photoshoots/meetups
not crazy phelps twins

I had to cut it down to one this year instead of three, but I am indeed hosting a "Harry Potter" photoshoot. It will be Sunday at 7:30pm in the Sheraton Lobby (will move from there just like last year and in 2010 )

Also, the "Geeks of Primetime Crime" (i.e. live action crime drama- think "Sherlock", "Hannibal", "Law &Order", "CSI", "NCIS", 'Criminal Minds", shows like that- photoshoot) returns, still Saturday and on the 5th floor of the Hilton but at 9:00pm this year so as not to have to deal with the crush of people going to get dinner (as I do suspect that caused some problems the previous years, having it right at 5 when the mad rush for dinner began).

I guess I can also mention the "Wreck-It Ralph" gathering, Sunday at 2:00pm on the Marriott 10th floor. I'm not hosting it but as of right now it hasn't been added to the list, either.

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